Satisfying multicultural markets across the USA

At MSR we understand the American multicultural consumer and are able to satisfy their needs with our extensive enterprise system. Each MSR representative is a trained specialist in the development and deployment of marketing strategies at the local store level where consumer shop. If your brand needs to enter or strengthen its presence in the U.S. multicultural market, MSR is your immediate solution.

Why MSR ?

MSR’s management has over 100 years in the F&B business and they have successfully managed and serviced hundreds of brands and thousands of stores that cater to multicultural markets. Our primary focus is the day-to-day management of the relationship with clients and partners and the merchandising  of their products. We strive to ensure that product is always available, detailed and showcased as necessary.



MSR believes that multicultural brand management, brand awareness and its presence in the U.S. call for a set of new rules, different from conventional or common market practices. The American Multicultural market is the coming together of various generations and inhabitants from more than 20 different countries. This union has created a complex culture, which in turn requires experience and research to understand. It’s not enough to translate and set in motion general marketing strategies. It’s not enough to be able to distinguish between specialized market interests and ethnic marketing techniques. Successful multicultural promotional campaigns take into consideration what is important to the multicultural segment, what pertains to each of its subcultures, what is relevant to its age groups, and of course, what is in motion as trend making statements.

At MSR we know the American multicultural

consumer and are able to meet their needs though

our vertically integrated enterprise system

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